The Stereos — La Dreamin’

Слова и текст песни The Stereos — La Dreamin’

I’m dreamin’ of a day that I don’t gotta go and work my 9-5,
I’m gonna be kickin’ it all day long on Rodeo drive
I want to walk the red carpet like they do in LA (LA)
And no more taking all those people tellin’ me what to do,
Soon I’ll be sleepin in, workin’ for me and not for you,
I’ll have my entourage with me when I’m down in LA (I’m LA)
And everyday’s a party (a party)
The valley girls are on me (on me)
They hear me on the radio ( radio)
And then they wanna get it on (get it on)
I’m LA dremin’ bout the girls in the club,
How they look in the sun,
I just can’t get enough,
I’m dreamin’ bout they beach all the time,
All my girls on their dimes,
I I I’m LA dreamin’ dreamin’
I’m LA dreamin’ dreamin’
I’m LA dreamin’ dreamin’
I’m LA dreamin’ dreamin’

I wanna be the one to knock off all the mothers on the magazine covers,
With A list girls all tryin to bring me onto their mothers,
The paparazzi love me cause I’m livin’ LA ( I’m LA)
Got all these honey’s want my autograph and then they want seconds,
But that’s the the life that I gotta live, I’m making them records,
I’ll let my people call you cause I’m down in LA (LA)


Hey Hollywood,
Look out for me now,
Cause I’m coming, taking over this town,
Livin’ life like in a movie screen, I’m gonna see my name in lights,
Hey Hollywood,
I’m at award shows,
Top designers tryin’ to get me in their clothes,
I’ll be rockin’ in the city of angels,
Livin’ in this paradise,


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