The Fixx — Shred of Evidence

Слова и текст песни The Fixx — Shred of Evidence

Turn your eyes to the page
read about the living age
polish up your crystal ball
check the night before it falls
Let it go
Please beware of nature’s witch
picks her berries from your ditch
and you’ll be gone
turn you into orobas
turn you in, not one of us
and you’ll have words to say about that
Let it go
(shredded evidence)
*Not so much as a word
not so much as a clue
not so much as a trace
disappear into the blue
Hell appears your living end
where you’re left you will suspend
and you just dangle
they boil the fat, we chew the weed
they make the facts, we can’t succeed
without a little trick up your sleeve
Let it go
*Not so much
Turn your eyes to this bed/let it go
turn your eyes for me she said/let it go
clear your mind of other thoughts/let it go
take my hand you astronaut/let it go
*Not so much

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