Tanya Tucker — Highway Robbery

Слова и текст песни Tanya Tucker — Highway Robbery

Ok Officer, I Admit it,
I was speedin’
But before you write me up
let me tell you the reason
I wasn’t tryin’ to out run you,
I was chasin’ a guy who outta
the blue, he committed a crime
back about a mile or two

I was crusin’ along, when he
pulled up outta no where
He was hotter than the truck
he drove, and just one lane over
He aimed those angel eyes at me,
smiled like we were ment to be
‘For he stole my heart from a
moving car


It was highway robbery, He
grabbed my heart and took
off on the run
It was highway robbery, he
oughta do time in my arms
for what he’s done

So, hey officer, how ’bout
you understandin’, won’t you
turn your blue light on and
help me catch that bandit

He’s got somethin’ that
belongs to T I can’t let him
get away scott free, for it’s
only right that he’s mine tonight


He ought to do time in my
arms for what he’ done


Hey officer
lets talk ’bout this,now
by the time you let me go
that boy’ll be all the way in texas
sure is good lookin’
by the way,
what color are your eyes?

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