Sting — The Shape Of My Heart

Слова и текст песни Sting — The Shape Of My Heart

Sting — Vocals
Eric Clapton — Guitar
Billy Joel — Piano

he deals the cards as a meditation
and those he plays never suspect
he doesnt play for the money he wins
he doesnt play for respect
he deals the cards to find the answer
the sacred geometry of chance
the hidden law of a probable outcome
and lonelessly to dance

i know that the spades are the swords of a soldier
i know that the clubs are weapons of war
i know that the diamonds mean money for this art
but thats not the shape of my heart

he may play the jack of diamonds
he may lay the queen of spades
he may conceal the king in his hand
while the memory of it fades


and if i told you that i loved you
you may be think there’s something wrong
i not a man of too many faces
the mask i wear is one
although i speak, i know nothing
i’ll find too their cost
like those who curse their luck
in too many places
like those who fear are lost

CHORUS (to end)

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