Stay — Half Drunk Is A Waste Of Money

Слова и текст песни Stay — Half Drunk Is A Waste Of Money

These nights, they beg for a way to keep us inside They know that if we’re out this town won’t sleep an ounce Mothers, hide your daughters; lock the doors and close the shutters cause it’s hard to keep that party dress on
We’re out the back before the sun hits I’m a wreck and I’ve been waiting for you to come on over and take another look at what we’ve seen I’m the one, this is our night together
Lay with me a while I’ve been waiting to find you again I’m down as soon as the softer side says so in you
Tonight, we’ll burn down the city and everything in it; score the skyline as we see fit Who needs a reason to do what you want to do when it feels so right?

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