Snoop Dogg — Cosmic Kev

Слова и текст песни Snoop Dogg — Cosmic Kev

Lean on me
And all the ladies in the hallway wanna lean on me
I’m big Snoop D O double G
And now they all wanna scene on me
So I stand tall, do it all, never ever slip
On the microphone talking big shhh
I can’t cuss I’m on the radio
Holla at the lady tho
With Cosmic Kev, big Snoop Dogg off the top of the head
Need fur on my eardrums
Here he come, here he — here he come
S to the N double O P to the D to the O to the double G
Smooth with the vocal tone
I’m rockin on the microphone
Yes this is freestyle, LBC style, G style
Shout out to? and Michael Vick
I know the Eagles will be back next year
But don’t even trip, cause Snoop Dogg is packin a cold grip
I like to flip and dip
And take you on the mothership
So you can ride and roll and get control
And lemme show you how I get cold
I might get, I might get lifted
I tripped it and dropped it
Never ever flopped it
And then they try to stop it
But you can’t cause I’m hard in the paint
When I bust freestyles, make the suckas faint
It’s all off the dome
Big Snoop Dogg and I’m halfway home
I need to use the phone
Could you give a dogg a bone?
I’m leaning and everybody lookin at me screaming
They wanna get a picture of the D O du
All the ladies in the hall love
Even the big boss, he wanna get a picture
Cause he know it don’t cost
And that’s how it go
Big Snoop Dogg, I’mma start the show
Yeah, take a picture with me
Have a seat, come and kick it with me
In the middle, I’m on the side
Wiz on the left so you know how we ride
And when we came, we both got high
And they got mad and told us put it out cause "fire"
But you know we don’t quit
We just kept smoking and I took another hit
Went to the kitchen and I had me some chicken wings
And baby said "Dogg can you sing?"
For Cosmic Kev, I said "cool I got a freestyle
That I just put on the top of my head
And then I came in and dropped it for him"
Pushed record and popped it for him
Baby start filming it now
She say "Snoop Dogg breaking it down!"
She got the camera, I got the rap
I got the wraps and I got the snaps
I got the sack and he’s got the Lac
And he got the dippy-dippy scratch in the back
Cosmic Kev, this is how we do it
Big Snoop Dogg coming through with the do-it fluid
My music is dope, I never ever choke
And if I wasn’t rapping I’d probably be broke
No I’m lying to y’all
It’s only Big Snoop and I’m the Top Dogg
That means that I’m gonna get money
No matter what I’m doing it’s sunny
It could be raining, I could be banging
You could be talking, I could be singing
I could be slanging, I could be bringing
You what you need, but I stop and proceed
To give you what you want, cause I know what you need
It’s big Snoop D O double to the G
Ease… and when I’m done on the microphone, smell me
I’m just like the breeze

Power power, 99
Everything is oh so fine
You thought I was gone, but I couldn’t leave yet
I gotta say something cause these suckers got me so upset
I haven’t won a Grammy yet
I haven’t made a call to my granny yet
She say "Snoop Dogg, don’t worry about it grandson!"
Cause when it comes to rap, you the only one
You don’t need a Grammy, you got a Soul Train Award
And a BET, everthing is on cue, and you know how you be
And you keep smoking reefer, and these suckas is broke
But you can’t touch me, cause I’m just cold
When it comes to the freestyle off the top of my brain
And I’m 40 years old, but it sounds like I’m 17
Cause when I be rocking, I’m oh so clean
And I’m on the hip-hop scene
Been doing this since I was about 17
And niggas 16, niggas 14, it don’t matter
Cause my rhyme is so clean…

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