Project Pitchfork — Self-Knowledge

Слова и текст песни Project Pitchfork — Self-Knowledge

father — why are the
children crying here?
mother — why do they
have so much fear?
well my son let me
we live our lifes
nothing is the same!
but mom — I think it’s the
I’m a child too
the difference is just the name
they have nothing
I have a lot
they feel the pain
I see their blood!
a child is a child
you have to take care
we are so small and innocent
like an angels hair
it also could happen to
have you ever thought
about your life
in this society?
father — there is still so
much to do
we need you trust
and your helping hand too!
who is guilty
who is not
could it be me
or could it be god
who is guilty
who is not
could it be you
or could it be got
who can change things
could it be me
I’m just a small part
of this society
but it’s me
who can change a lot
is it wrong to say
that I am god?
All songs composed by P. Pitchfork
Produced by Spill Es
Guest producer Jansen
Engeneered by M. Rewig
Guitar on «Bodies» by A. Ermes
Recorded in «The Hall Of Light»
Mixed in NHB-Studios, Hamburg
Used instrument: Akai S-3000
All programming on «Cubase»
Hello to:
Aue, Oescher, Henry, Kai, Thomasinger, Peter (Danke Scheubi), Scheubi (Danke Peter),
Frosch, KF1, Heinz, Birgit, Britta, Jasmine, Volker Z., Volker aus K., Horst+Archi, Sara
Kovanda, Stephanie Vigier, Rodney O., Markus, Marco DM, Mario P., Darrin H., Sabine
E., Mathias+Michael, Carl Olufson, Yorck E., A. Ermes, H. Arms, A. Nev, Am-Tarad,
Alexander, Ernst, Michael P., Oswald, Constantin, Bill, Alkstrotz, Hartmut(h), Miri, Markus,
Gianni, Olli, Molli, Rene, Tim, Caschi, Linda, Ecki, Andrea, Kevin Polk, Anja und das
gesamte Fanclub — Team, Luiz (Fanclub Brazil), Mina (Fanclub Japan), Kristy (Fanclub
USA), Jorge (US-Manager), Jered (Chemlab), Valerie (Info-Service France), Lolli (Booking
France), Alain (Promoter Belgium), Kirka and Margareta (Czech Republik), M. I. D.
(Estonia-Tallinn), Albert & friends (Spain)………..and you!!!
CD designed by H. U. Sondhauss/heptogramm idea by P. S.
fanclub: anha kratzer, wilhelm-firl strasse 16, 09122 chemnitz
US-fanclub: kristy hanak, 118 feronia way, rutherford, NJ 07070, USA
Managemanent: Project Managment, am bchenberge 15, 30453 hannover
watch out for new album in september ’95/germany tour in october ’95
…»We all are a part of god, but sometimes we get lost in the physical world behaving like a
body of love searching for the divine destination».

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