Pink Floyd — Double O Bo

Слова и текст песни Pink Floyd — Double O Bo

Bo Diddley was a private eye
Hand was fast and his I.Q. high
D.A. said «Double O, you won’t last
Slow down boy, you living too fast»

Well, Double O had a Cadillac
Machine guns and a bullet-proof back
Engine taken from a 707
Sounds like a sure way to get into heaven

In his pocket, 5 pounds of lead
Keep Bo Diddley from getting dead
Another thing helped Bo keeping alive
Was a snub-nosed, Smith And Wesson, Colt 45

Well, Bo drank gallons of rye and bourbon
Martini’s dry, and you better serve them
Martini so dry, the shaker burst
Bo keeled on his side and died of thirst

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