Natas — Who Am I

Слова и текст песни Natas — Who Am I

Who am I What’s going on What’s the purpose of this here song
I got to get it going on No time to moan
‘Til the break of dawn
Who am I What’s going on Did I live my life all wrong
What’s my name
What’s my destiny
Is this life just a test for me Psychopathic, automatic
Static-free, TNT
Who am I Black man
African, Afghan
Sinsemill’, what’s the deal?
Off on a thrill on Blueberry Hill
Take a chill, overkill
Kill at will, live until
Dead at birth, Hell on Earth
Tell me what my life is worth
Life or death, live or die
Teardrops fall from mama’s eye
And if she cries, I wonder why
She looks towards the sky
And said, «Who am I?»
It sure don’t seem to me like we’re getting anywhere
Who am I, Who am I Who am I Just another coon
A nigga with an attitude
So you assume
I’ve got bad credit and I’m already headed for the grave
So many said it so they say
A lot of my time writing an apology
And I know they didn’t care for me So write me a eulogy
‘Cause soon you see
Death is before me Or after me Or somewhere near me But I can’t see clearly
Just how close
Who am I and my mind gets ghost
Rock-a-bye baby
Sing me a looney tune
Cause I know the end is coming soon
I’m running for some shelter
Screaming Helter Skelter
You’ve got to think quick
When you’re coming off a trip
So give me a hit
So I can forget
The whole world is a toilet
And it’s all full of shit
Ups and downs
Rounds and rounds
Who am I Who am I I broke into a sweat
I pissed on myself
See the floor got wet
I don’t know my age
But I don’t really care
I know I’m not lost
But I know I’m not there
I know it sounds strange
But it’s all in my brain
It’s all in my head
I’m dreaming that I’m dead
Wake me up My dream is coming true
And if I die, I’mma sleep
I’m going to blame you
And if I hang from a rope
And I swing side to side
Then they say they never loved me And they’re all glad I’m dead
But deep inside
My mind gets blank
It’s like I’ve got a car
But ain’t no gas in the tank
Who am I Who’s the man in the mirror
I’m looking at me But who do I see
Or who do I be
In 1993, I’m not free
So who am I

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