Middletwo — A Girl Named Atlas

Слова и текст песни Middletwo — A Girl Named Atlas

We all gaze in amazement
At the statue holding it’s structure so well
But I, I see the chip at your nose
You crumble
And we watch as lights leave your eyes

Stained fingers and a rasp in your throat
This therapeutic fog shields your lungs from the cold
The unwelcomed wisdom brings a glaze to your eye
A lonely naked ocean where the sun used to shine

Oh, tragic transparency
Oh, tragic transparency

Oh tragic transparency
You are mere fantasy
Purely a painting of who you wish to be
Words, beautiful prose
They’re weaving every fabrication

The only mystery
Is who or what
Made you need to hide
Why must you hide?

So love
Hollowly, blindly awaiting the tempest
Demolish the canvas
Reconstruct the fragile flesh
Chase anything alarming and raise sympathizing
The master of gluttony and lust
Darling don’t you ever trust
Sir gluttony and miss lust

Thank god
You’re burning up
You set the skies ablaze
God damn, it’d be a crying shame
To watch you fade away
Don’t you ever fade away

This life
Don’t take it for granted
Willing to lose anything but your respect

To answer your question
When the music stops, I’m useless
Disappointing all who wait

This blackened puzzle
No beginning, no end
This picture recreates a perfect circle again
You’re a gracefully eloquent, radiant mess
And once again, you’ve left me tongueless and earless
Once again, you’ve left me tongueless and earless
Once again, you’ve left me tongueless and earless
Once again

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