Kickback — Swing

Слова и текст песни Kickback — Swing

Written by Hal Hollander
I’ve seen you hangin round and you’re lookin good
And I’d like to get to know you if I could
So far you haven’t given me a second glance
So maybe it’s time for me to take a chance
Well listen up babe there’s somethin I gotta say
Well I can’t stop thinkin bout you every day
And I never ever wanna let you outta my sight
I been waitin for a man like you for most of my life
So put your arms around me and baby hold me tight
Cause the band is playin and the music sounds just right
And I want to Remember this night for the rest of my life
So swing me around the dance floor all through the night
The sparkle in your eye brightens up the room
And the way you look at me makes my heart beat boom boom boom
And you’re makin my temperature rise to a 100 degrees yeh eh
Well I hope you feel the same when you dance with me
Well lets take a walk outside when the musics done
I’m sure there’s other ways we can have some fun
The night is clear and the moon is bright above
Well it’s the kind of night where we could fall in love
Yeh its the kind of night where we could fall in love
And you’re the kind of man that I’ve been dreamin of

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