Kickback — Sexy Little Thing

Слова и текст песни Kickback — Sexy Little Thing

Written by Hal Hollander
Well you know every woman is watchin you
Whenever you walk by
And you know you can get anyone you want
and not even have to try
When you turn on all your charm
No woman can resist
Then you turn around and walk away
after you’ve giving her a deadly kiss
Well you’re A sexy little thing
from you head to your feet and Everything in between
The way you act and the things you do
don’t bother me
cause I know one day you’re gonna be my sexy little thing
you’ve always found that there’s no woman that you can’t tame
It seems like they are drawn to you
not knowin it’s just a game
It’s scary what you can do…to every woman you meet
and when you walk, the way you do
You send chills from my head to my feet
Hey baby, I’m wise to your game
but I’m in town and things won’t be the same
I’m serving notice that my sight’s set on you
You’re gonna find out there’s nothin
you can do cause I can be a sexy thing too
Well you’re A sexy sexy little thing
from your head to your feet and everything in between
The way I act & the things I do won’t bother you
when you see what I can do
Cause I’m a sexy thing too
a sexy little thing
you’re a sexy sexy little thing
but I never met a man I couldn’t tame
The way you act and the things you do
well 2 can play that game
come on baby be my
sexy little thing, my sexy little thing

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