Juliana Theory — Duane Joseph (dj)

Слова и текст песни Juliana Theory — Duane Joseph (dj)

The Juliana Theory-The Rainy Day Song(Duane Joseph)

tell your mom you need a day off
so we can play out in the rain
we’ll catch a ride to the mall,
go down to the arcade
cause that’s where all the cool kids hang

tell your mom you need a day off
cause i don’t feel like school today
we’ll ride our boards down the hill
and to the playground
where everything’s ok

tell your mom that we’llbe home late
cause building cabins in the woods is hard work

you always know that i’ll be there
cause summer time is coming near
my closest friend
you’ll always be
you are a hometown kid like me

tell your mom to make us lunch now
cause we worked up an appetite
g.i. joes and karate matches in the backyard
where everything’s all right

now i can see that things have changed
we’ve gone our separate ways now
and it’s not you and me anymore,
it’s not you and me
why can’t it be the way it was
when pain was only plastic guns

my closest friend
i couldn’t say
you are a million miles away
i guess i’ll hold my breath
there is no harm in hoping for change.

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