Job For A Cowboy — Strings Of Hypocricy

Слова и текст песни Job For A Cowboy — Strings Of Hypocricy

As if this country was reborn, birthed and raised in monarchy,
Cracked open from it’s adolescent and fully disfigured shell
A throne sits in the center of government buildings,
With a ruler imposing his people to administer his demands

Elections over-weighed from the unmindful and incompetent herds of the illiterate An interbred nation suspended from strings of hypocrisy
Eventually to strengthen at the roots from the predominant union,
Held from the palms of their fraudulent and expanding overlord

For the wrath of God has been placed in his power
He cast warefare over the kindred, his military actions compose eradication and genocide on the holy and sacred
A cloak hides the identity of this leading politician
His speech distorts his terminological inexactitude
He remains remorseless toward his ongoing success in his fabricated image amongst this crumbling nation,
Unaided possessing the entire world within his palms

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