Jamie Stevens — Perpetual Motion

Слова и текст песни Jamie Stevens — Perpetual Motion


Author: Carman Futter / Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
Composer: Jamie Stevens (ASCAP)
© 2001 by Stevens/Futter

(verse 1)

A sunrise doesn’t share
What it has or what it is
A sunset doesn’t care
Who you are or where you live

So isn’t it peculiar that we
Who sit on a planet spinning round
Think of the sun as moving for us


Don’t you see that life is just
Perpetual motion — moving without us
Don’t you see that life is such
Perpetual motion — moving without us

(verse 2)

A river doesn’t flow
Just because you want it to
A plant will never grow
If you say it has to do

Don’t you see that it’s not up to us
This planet is keep on spinning round
While we are here and after we’re gone

Repeat chorus

(middle 8)
We are just a breath of eternity
And still we think that we’re the center of this life
You should have learned by now
Even without us this earth is able to get by

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