Ian Axel — Beautiful Somewhere

Слова и текст песни Ian Axel — Beautiful Somewhere

I know what you see,
But deep inside I’m feelin’ low
I’m makin’ believe
That I’ve got nowhere else to go

But somewhere,
There is a beautiful somewhere
And someday,
I’ll make it there I promise,

I’m sick of it all!
Let’s burn this castle to the ground
I’m scared about nothing
But sometimes nothing brings me down

Come on,
You can’t be serious
How long
Did you think that it would stay this way?

I’ve been down this road before
With nothing to lose and nowhere to go
Angels are falling into my hands
But I haven’t found the way

Oh, I’m letting it go,
Just need a little time alone
I care about something
That’s about the only thing I know

Come on,
I’m really serious
It’s no fun
I always thought that it would stay this way


Come on
Come on
Come on!


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