Gnashing Of Teeth — Pyro

Слова и текст песни Gnashing Of Teeth — Pyro

I let go, take my heart Mold me I beg of You Wash my brain pure With Your Spirit Soften my soul so I’m not so hard Fire burn in me, a violent fire refining my heart Love burn within me, a pillar of love piercing through my heart Burn away all of the false visions that are inside of me Please consume the hate with the flames So I’ll believe You and not have to fake I’ll try to hold still while You fix me I trust in Your hand, and trust that You see All that I need is Your voice… And that’s it, thank you Father set me alight Too hot for hell to hold Absent of all shame About to explode Love is God is Love Smoldering coals in mind you’ve set Igniting to bring me life, kill death Suddenly with Your voice I’m released Now my heart I’ll never decease Burn away all of the false visions that are inside of me Burn away, so that only You may live in me Burn away, when You set me on fire, my Spirits Awake Burn away, I feel all of the flesh melting off of my face

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