GBH — Race Against Time

Слова и текст песни GBH — Race Against Time

Put us on a life support machine from the day we’re born,
didn’t realise it was just our dawn
By the media we’ve been accepted, but in reality still rejected

From the start it won’t last,
but now that’s all in the past
Never admit to being wrong,
five years on and we’re still going strong

Given a year to pack up and die,
take the taking, run and hide
Said ‘race against time’, thought it was clever,
time is immortal and we’re forever

So five years on and we should be dead,
new ideas in the same old head
Don’t need help, don’t need a tutor,
you’re our past and we’re your future
It’s a race against time, but whose racing ?
‘Cus we’ve already won

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