Evil Child — Every Days A Bad Day Cuz Of You

Слова и текст песни Evil Child — Every Days A Bad Day Cuz Of You

I woke up today not knowing,
It would be a bad day
But with my luck it ended up to be bad
My guy dumped me,
I failed my final tes
My head hurts now,
Beacause of all this stress
I don’t like being here,
I feel like getting away
I’m gonna give up now,

Cuz every day is a bad day
It’s a bad day

Todays a bad day
I can’t stand being here anymore
I hate all this it’s like my heads going
Through a seven-year war
It’s a bad day,
Todays a bad day,
Everyday is a bad day
Got nothing to say
Got nothing to do,
Cuz every days a bad day with you

Today I was walking and I tripped and fell
I should have asked to be thrown in a cell
My best friend called me dumb,
She now hates me
Today really sucked
Couldn’t you see

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