DJ Screw — In the House Tonight

Слова и текст песни DJ Screw — In the House Tonight

f/ Lil James, Pooh Bear & Koolaid

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[DJ Screw]

Wassup PacMan, knowwhatimsayin, that Shawn, that Kevin, that Con Dre, Lil
Riz locked, Triple X, ha ha

La Da Da Da Da Da, La Da Da Da Da Da

[Big T]

I, I got to, got to be T, that’s all I could be
So man I’m puttin’ it down in this damn industry
Leaps, Leaps and my fam, so here I am
Bob, bob, wide wide, drop drop, bout time, time
Cause that aint never been me, and aint gon never be me
And now its plain to see, trip, trippin wit T
I’m still blowin on trees, won won, lost lost, won won
Big big cheese, chop choppin on the beat
Reppin Worm and T, sippin on 4’s and we riding on 3’s
I’m blessed, blessed cause we’re some of the best
Now give us give us order, order and we’re keepin it
Down, Down from the South to the Nawf
Tha East to the West and we aint settling for less
Now jump, jump for the whole southside
La da da da da da da da


Big T, is in the house tonight
La da da da da da da da
Flip, Flip, is in the house tonight
La da da da da da da da
World, world ya’ll is in the house tonight
La da da da da da da da
House, house in tha house tonight
La da da da da da da da

[Lil’ Flip]

Now when you see me on the streets, I’m smokin sweets
And I always keep a bad broad close to me
Long hair yellabone wit a college degree
I see Big T number on my caller ID
He’s gotta, gotta do a show at the Bayou Classic
If you can’t see me ballin’, then you need glasses
Million, million dollar star that’s how I carry myself
Girls, girls barkin barkin cause ima playa myself
I sent(represent), sent the Southside of Houston, Texas
I can’t drive a Acura cause I’m used to Lexus
Eva, Eva seen a watch wit big ol princess
I live in the Clove, Clove big big ol Benz, benz
Time, time I drop a song, I’m showin my spine
All I need is a eighth, to go wit my pound
Coldest, Coldest rap star that you eva saw
Got me, got me like like a sip of barre


Time, time goes on, I’m still puttin’ it down
Some things don changed, a million dollars later now
Big T what you gonna do? Gotta, gotta ???????????
I knew, knew and I aint gon even trip
I gotta stay on my game so I won’t even slip
Show, show, I’m here to let you know
Baton, Baton, O O (NO), Tyler Tyler
Momma momma you are appreciated
You taught ya boy T to neva eva playa hate
For what, anotha got, got, anotha brotha do
Time to play, play, time, time to move move
That’s a deuce deuce, stay down and be true
Throw the game ova and know who riding through through
Big ol Big ol pretty houses
Big ol Big ol foreign cars
I done, done, I’m sip barre barre


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