Disfigurement — Internal Vaginal Art

Слова и текст песни Disfigurement — Internal Vaginal Art

Welcome to my saloon
I’m a genital graphic
I prefer internal vaginal art
A pure light of the future art
Illuminate my way
And imperfection of your pitch-dark cunt
Inspire my creative fate

And you call me genital genius
I deserve this honorable name
My clientele calls me genital genius
I deserve the crown of libido

I suggest a various service
Only in this saloon
I can adorn the skin of your cunt,
It will be very coming to you
Brand, tattoo or scarlines
Comics labels near a wom
Nobody see it, but everyone can feel it
If he will penetrate into you

Make your choice
You will be in raptures
Masturbate like chimpanzee
And fuck like a bitch
With the ornate hole
With plaits of a cunthair
Make your choice
You must understand
The secret art of the future
Internal vaginal gallery
A short exhibition of a vulgar thought
It’s not easy
To turn your cunt inside out
Shut up scum!
Don’t you fucking squeak
Shut up scum!
Or I tear asunder your cunt
Bleeding bitch
Don’t you fucking squeak

The art demand a sacrifice
Your pain is nothing
By fear narcotized
And after that if you survive
More perfect vagina will be your pride

Internal sexual organs
I push in the natural place
The graphic design in the gashframes
The brand of unholy grace

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