Disarmonia Mundi — Moon of Glass

Слова и текст песни Disarmonia Mundi — Moon of Glass

Now, now get through this pain and suffering
I’ve been writing on these fucking walls
That belong to the same story
Of you walking away
Another bullet right through my brain
That bullet was your fate
To power of sun, a wondrous sense bound
I wonder if sometimes, all my friends
Were killed by the wind
Calling the figure I see falling deaf
The fallen sinks in the light
Watching, reloading, we’ll
Decide if you decide
Until your mine
Crawl now
Wrapped in your pain and shadows
Wondering if a condition of time is pain
And wondering what’s null and vain
Now, now, no other way
Sense of all that’s been and done
Wake me up, I’m dead
’cause I’m falling away
Deny consideration of this role
A fucking
When the dreams are torn
Save your soul, to fight the moonlight
When the dreams are gone
Nothing more than the pain of the moonlight
Sick of your toy
So revel in joy
Siren’s lair
It’s such a shame
Praying idols made of clay
In their game
Buried alive in your funeral mind
Lot’s of stuff I can’t figure out

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