Deric Ruttan — Love Did

Слова и текст песни Deric Ruttan — Love Did

Standing in the ashes of what used to be his home
The old man wiped the sweat from his brow
He said if I was younger I could build it back
But I don’t have the strength to do it now

But love did
With the help of all his neighbours pitching in
There’s a house just like the one he lost
High up on that ridge
Look what love did

Jenny was eleven when the Jones’ took her home
They saw how much she needed a family
The decision wasn’t easy ’cause they didn’t really know
What they’d do with one more mouth to feed

But love did
It worked another miracle through them
She’s the wife of a lucky man these days
And the mother of three kids
Look what love did

One night a little baby was born in Bethlehem
Sent to Earth to die and save the lost
On the day of crucifixion they drove nails in his hands
But nails did not keep him on the cross

Love did
He she’d his blood and washed away our sins
A father gave his only son
So you and I could live
Look what love did

Look what love did

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