Canibus — Last Laugh

Слова и текст песни Canibus — Last Laugh

Check out the bizarre
Style that I display, God
Kind of like the Biz went
But this is the Canibus wit the
Ain’t just the name of the song
Is probably my favorite response
When I’m walking down the street
Or I’m out at the mall
And people be talking that blablabla
Well anyway
A regular day is just like this
The Canibus writes a rhyme
The Canibus spits
I eat eat eat rhymes
Niggaz don’t be understanding that shit
Why you think I went and put a fuckin mike on my arm
Cuz it belongs to me and I belong next to Genghis Kahn
In a coffin carbon dropped with my body in bronze
Like Hon Solo when he got frozen in Star Wars
I’m great but I’m not the greatest
I believe I’m god but I’m not atheist
I’m crazy but I’m not the craziest,
I’m just a normal heterosexual homosapien
The industry tried to cave me in
I was an archangel but they changed me into Damien
The evil spirit of rap the evil rapper
Evil laugh
Rip the jacker
Master of the ceremony
Most people know me as such
My disciples know me as Master ‘Bus
I could
Change their life with a touch
Cuz I’m [laugh] lyrically gifted as fuck
Can I bus could bust it down pound for pound
My style’ll make a thousand emcees bow
You could yayayah chachachacha all you want
Y’all niggaz know that Canibus is the one
The rhyme creator
At the drop of the dime, I spit a 100 B-A-Rs
I’m an S-T-A-R since the day I was born
And I’ll be a star to the day that I’m gone
You could agree with uh huh
Or disagree with uh uh
Whatever, niggaz can’t front
If they respond too late to the 911 call,
They find you on the floor with a razor blade in your palm
Deep cuts are inchwide, and five inches long
Paramedics feel for a pulse to see if you gone
You was pronounced DOA before you got to ER
The doctors swore that suicide was the probable cause
Probably because,
You weak insecure muthafuckas feel lost when you here me raw
Like god, the predator starring Schwarzenegger
Before he triggered the bomb, he went
The evil spirit of rap
The Evil rapper
Evil laugh
Rip the jacker
You cannot win
You cannot win
It’s mentally unimaginable,
Mathematically incalculable,
Inextricably infallible
Let’s not forget, utterly impossible or morally insurmountable
To assume that I could lose if I battled you
My scholastic aptitude is 1600 and 2
100 bars is just a glimpse of the truth
Physical proof that I’m the best at this
I’ve constructed sentences that’ll stand longer than Stone Henge’s Megaliths
My first and second albums consist of more than a million terabits
More than any of you rappers ever spit
Vote for me as president
In about a day or so
I’ll be up in the white house getting fellatio
By an administrative assistant with deep throat
Butt naked on the floor
Knee deep in some cult
Or on the speaker phone free styling wit some of my folks
Humping a ho
Tampering with the republican vote
I’m like Mel Gibson in Braveheart
Fighting swordsman
Dodging arrows from the arches cuz I’m a horsemen
Flying circles around you like Flying Saucers
Flying circles around the Royal Air force’s flying Fortress
Maximize my wins minimize my losses till I’m exhausted
Then lounge like the lyricists on Rawkus
I’m unsigned right now
It’s like I’m an orphan
Looking for a home, taking all calls and offers
Notify the prince, and the duke of Earl
I’m probably the illest English speaking MC in the world
Ghetto fabulous, verbally hazardous
Ask any Baptist, Roman Catholic or Satanic Activist
Even them trippy hippies on college campuses know about Canibus
I got rhymes like beads on an Abacus
My style’s totally out the bracket
Scientists with thick glasses and pocket protectors want to patent it
My talent is unmatched by any rapper in this rapping biz
By any rapper on this planet’s grid
Show me where he is
I’ll sign the ordinance to bomb his coordinates with Agent Orange and torture him
Burn the skin off of him
Throw a towel on him
And stomp on him
Rip the towel off then pour salt on him
Continue my verbal assault on him
Till it’s twelve in the morning and turn into the werewolf monster on him
Rip his heart out
Eat it while it’s still pumping
The blood’s still running
It tastes like boiled dumplings
Starving artist
I turned down scholarships to Oxford College
Cuz I heard they didn’t serve porridge
Smarter than any man in Scotland Yard is
Used to work for M I sic
But quit because I couldn’t take Orders
I was the original James bond before Sean Conn
Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton and Pierce Brosnon
The most awesome, walking talking breathing
English speaking, MC in the European region
Rip you to pieces, like Communism leaflets
Beef with Bis is like playing Chess without the pieces
Modern Christians without Jesus
Rastas without Reefer
Jamaicans in Brixton without Visas
Radios without speakers
Mother nature without the four seasons
Without a jacket outside when it’s freezing
I’m a tell you straight up
No lie
Canibus is the Illest Motherfucker Alive
The evil spirit of rap, the evil rapper
Rip the Jacker

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