Canibus — DJ Kayslay With Journalist Freestyle

Слова и текст песни Canibus — DJ Kayslay With Journalist Freestyle

My power to weight ratio
Makes it capable
Fa me to carry hunnid thousand pound boost radios
Fuckin wit da Cani
Is like steppin on a live land mine
Behind enemy lines
Military paratroops
In camouflage parachutes
Wit flight suits and boots landin on ya roof
Eliminate the target is the prime objective
I create psychic walls harder than cement is
Nobody enters exits
I wreck shit
With methods
Electric like the Pentagon’s fences
Emcees wit da Hypenitis disease
Are like crack fiends wit da Hepatitis B vaccine
DJ Kay Slay the street team
Tell them ta suck a dick dipped in vaginal creme
Cuz muthafuckaz ain’t worth the earth that u walk on
You ain’t worth the paper plates prisoners eat porn on

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