Blazin’ Squad — All About The Music

Слова и текст песни Blazin’ Squad — All About The Music

Nobody wants blood to be
spilt, it’s all about the music
Love writes hits, the mics they
get used when people write
lyrics for opinions of the critics
that makes the world spin so.

Lightning don’t strike in the
same place twice, fight to
death call it suicide. I’m a
warrior, a death match
courier, sorry now you’re
gonna be sorrier, wanna hate
what you don’t understand,
acting bait coz I’m fightin’
your clan, iron fist when I
tighten my hand, so enlighten
your manz, brighten the
stands, coz you’re hiding and
prang, your breaders ain’t
killing me, rocksimus who’s
killing me, blazin’ up caught
chilling G, coming back like a
trilogy, you and your boyz
wanna deal with me, you aint
feelin me, you got beef with
me, you got cheek to be
starting beef, coz you can’t ride
beats with me, you and your
boys try hatin’ me, but the
pains getting shared out
equally, that’s how it’s done.

Repeat chorus x2

Steppin’ to me it’s a fact you’ll
get bored, I’m possessed like
a demon as I draw for my
sword, engraved writing
on it sayin’ that striders the
lord, the best warrior in the
land countries in the world,
I’ve got powers like a God I
control the sky, thing’s I’ll do
to you would even make
the friggin devil cry, I swing
swords like soul calibre, a
legend like Excalibur, blood
thirsty for the next challenger

Who Dares Wins when you’re
playin’ my game, chillin’ on
roof tops kids who are playin’,
gonna draw for swords,
and the lyric that I gain,
gonna buss the door, in the
pouring rain

Guess who’s next draw
swords when I’m on it, I blow
heads abroad, I blow lost
profit, you’ve never heard
before, brain cells lock it,
pocket knives endure, but
you wish you never coz I’m
clever with these lyrics forever
I’m gonna run this (Nobody
wants blood to be spilt coz)
Flava this Flava that but who
done this, you know me I’m
the same old same old G

Repeat chorus x2

Freeze, as I enter your endz
anytime anywhere and you
started to stare, fightin’ ya
now we’ll be fightin’ ya there
coz it’s all about the music
give it ten out of ten, I’ll thrive
on your blood, hungry for
your skin, chop up your
bones, and put you in my tin,
I’m the brother of the devil,
and the master of Satan, I’m
the feeling in your body and
I’m gonna make you cringe

Don’t watch me battle my
duel a cold hearted bout,
hear the screams as you shout
while you’re flat on your back,
you know there’s no turnin’
back you wanna piece of me,
you ask for beef with me ain’t
no sequel to me, so take a
shot at me, you gonna make
it you best, you try slash my
chest, I’m badder than the
rest, coz you know I’ll defend,
clash straight to the end, next
contender try to contend,
my arena, step into my
surroundings, no emotions
no commotions there is no
feelings, I’m the favourite,
as well ya know coz there’s
no holds barred and any thing
will go

Nobody wants it, nobody
wants it

Next contender, try to contend

Nobody wants it, nobody
wants it

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