Blaque — Leny

Слова и тексты песен Blaque — Leny

Verse 1 (Brandi, Shamari)
I, I wanna hear the whole song now
Your love (yea,your love)
Runs through me
Like the rain (Like the rain
Oohh and I like it
When you show me
That you care
(You show me it drives me insane)

Love Everlasting
I never wanna be without you
Love everlasting
I never wanna be without you

Verse 2 (Natina)
Yo Yo
Check this out
Who said a brotha can’t buy you it
So give me space((blank)) mutha give me all of it
Buy me jewelry, I’m pawnin’ it
Forget where I’m storin’ it at
Matter a fact, I just seen your ex in the club
Givin’ women much love
Who be giving it up
Sippin’ Cris in the cup
Is that the one you said you would lie for
The one you said you would die for
Leny gimme love (wha wha wha wha)

Lovin’ reminiscin’
About your ways
Things that he does to me
Got me thinking about you
In any way
The way you make me feel
I knew that it could only be love
I miss you
And I hope that I
Could be the only one
You’re always dreamin’ of


Verse 3 (Natina)
(Huh huh yea yea wha wha)
Everbody knows I’m the capital
Diva girl nonchalant
I think not
Protocol in the back shootin’ craps
With the dola dolls
P. Knuckle face I erase
All them fools on a paper chase
A dime piece
I’ma keep on shining like ice sheets
Remember me by my wha wha wha ha ha

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