Bananafishbones — Palmers

Слова и текст песни Bananafishbones — Palmers

people panicking the streets
a monster raging through their town
from the roofs to the ground through the walls
it is all around
and the scientist creating it collapses
cause he got no clue
well the army the militia
and the self made heroes they sure do

up and down it goes
it seems the bullets
they don’t hurt at all
and there is only one guy knowing
how to make it fall
he’s got a bow and an arrow
being soaked with dragon’s blood
one arrow and a bow
that’s all he’s got

chose it’s legs when you intend to fire
shoot it’s legs and it’ll be going down

„ who’s the fool crossing our closing off"
the police officer yells his famous last words
our hero’s aiming, knowing
feeling, seeing
his one and only shot
cause an arrow and a bow that is all he’s got
he’s been in trouble before
and he’s fed up with the killing
so he kills no more

black slime moving
corpses that are losing
babymonsters everywhere
they’re hungry and they’re balling weeeaahh!

chose it’s legs when you intend to fire
shoot it

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