Avery — Just Being Me

Слова и текст песни Avery — Just Being Me

My own opinion about livin life
Doesnt neccesarilly mean its right
We all have different ways to live a day
I always rush to paint my nails
Dance outside when it starts to hail
Make excuses why i’m too busy
Always need to get my way
Or i’ll scream for a friggin day
In the end i guess i should let go
Build my castles out of cups
Always beat the bois up
Wouldn’t cheerlead
Wanted to be in the league
Hey, I’m just bein me

Took my time to go to bed
But would rush on all my tests
You could figure that out easily
Go out in the middle of the night
Just to have a pillow fight
Then go back home and just go to sleep
Was like the moon and all the stars
Always dreamed to get real far
Didn’t know that it would come true

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