A Bloody Canvas — View Through My Bedroom

Слова и текст песни A Bloody Canvas — View Through My Bedroom

Water drips down my windowpane
The sky outside stands gry and overcast
Though this time last year we stood beneath clearer skies with clearer minds
What happened to us? what went wrong?
I remember days when we thought the sun would shine forever, guide us through the shadows
Oh, how innocent! how naive we were!
Too young to know that thunderstorms aren’t terrible, for every drop of rain that falls into the field must yield to a flower with an intent to grow
I close my eyes as the sky falls around me
My warm, wet escape from reality into a world of regret my insides are drenched, my heart has hollowed, standing empty underneath the streetlight, my hands cease to shake, my head hangs low with shame
will this ever be the same?
Can you hear me as I cry?
Tonight I’ll lay this ultimatum at your feet
Through pouring rain my fist will meet a friend named concrete, I’m sorry for everything
What happened to us? what went wrong?
Do you remember days when the sun would shine forever? well it’s still shining
Open your eyes

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