200 North — Feltonic Prophecy

Слова и текст песни 200 North — Feltonic Prophecy

It’s crashing down
This comfort that you’ve known will soon be washed away
with every choice with every single action there’s a consequence
There is a price that must be paid
You’re running out of time
You’re running out of time
The sun will collapse and destroy your world
What can I say?
Everything you strive for, really means nothing
The higher you climb the that ladder the further you get from yourself
The higher you climb, the more you destroy yourself
There is no sympathy for those that blind their eyes
There is no sympathy, there is a price that must be paid
Time The greatest enemy of all
Why? Why do we waste all our time? Why?
Give me an answer
We base our lives
around posessions and we lose track of all value
These things will perish
These things will only destroy us
This thigns will only enslave us
Elitist pedistal, I despise you

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