Zyon — Feasting On The Blind

Слова и текст песни Zyon — Feasting On The Blind

Open your eyes, just want to cut them out, so you just can’t see anymore, you want the hurting to stop, you want the voices to stop, then beg for this and fall to your knees.

Tear them out, feasting on the blind…

I’m so rightous, i am the martyr, I’m the instgator and the asshole, I’m the saint i am the sinner. I starve myself until i get thinner, then stuff myself full of pride, feed me all of your lies, then scratch and bleed and open my sores, until the worms crawl out of me…

Take until nothing remains, take then break, nothing remains, running in this race, nothing remains, gotta run away, nothing remains…

What can i do? I’m just another face running in this race, i’ve got to run away…break free…

No hope will come until we burn alive buride alive by these lies, no hope. Comatose. Burnt. Buried by these lies…

Is there any honest beings out there? nothing..remains… lets take turns twisting that knife into your back.

Nothing remains, you cut your nose off to spite your face…nothing remains…we kill ourselves, there’s no one left….

No hope. Until we burn alive, buried inside, by your own demise, kill hope until we burn. Buried, until we choke, kill hope, until we burn alive, buried inside, choke

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