Whalebones — Lady Fingers

Слова и текст песни Whalebones — Lady Fingers

Burning the candle brightly
At both ends my eyes are open wide
I see you here I see you there
There ain’t no end in sight

Be with me when you want to honey
Be gone when you need to be gone
We set the limits
We make decisions
But how long can this go on?

As morning comes a new season breaks
But the nightmares are fresh on my mind
Was it you or was it me who let it fall apart this time?
Traces of you are what I see at night when I close my eyes
For you it’s different
Now you’ve found you freedom
Check out that blue sky

Holding a vigil nightly
A solo trip is how I fly
The candle I’m holding is burning for you
And there ain’t no end in sight

There’s no end in sight

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