Wale — Purple Swag

Слова и текст песни Wale — Purple Swag


This is for my niggas gettin’ high on the regular
This is for my bitches gettin’ high on the regular


My shirt, purple label my shirt
Purple haze in my j, everything purple nigga fucked up

Fresh off the road two mil on it, a little nigga with a little money
And to be honest I fathered a lot of brothers in this motherfucker
I think I’m motherfuckin’ phil drummond
Real live nigga, straight nigga, still love it
And I ain’t talkin’ bout the j’s got new 11s
I am talkin’ bout whoever, whoever say it’s a 9
If she mine I’mma take her to a newer level
Who better, take your time, take your time like a new bezel
I got rich from a little struggle

I’m like roots, you a new shovel
And I’m the truth nigga, still wellin’
In a rello, cigarillo to the cerebellum
Rich forever, double m, we forever winnin’
A nigga throwin’ up the set, how ya stomach feelin’
Probably sick of a nigga livin’ how a nigga livin’
Even better, come and get it, see my pen is illin’

Eyes low, widest eyes, 5-4
Pockets probably like fried food
Turn a good vagina into a typhoon
I don’t understand how y’all move
‘Cuz y’all don’t understand I will not lose
Who trill as me, roll two of tree
Y’all truancy, I’m high school
And everything is purple
And my ralph lauren be earth-tone

And now I’m sippin’ syrup slow, I’m out h-town
With young kirko, and that h right on my belt loop
I call em up, they might fall through
And my main bitch, she just started school
And my weed man should just sell flutes
High on loud when I be ridin’ out

I’m on a thousand islands like mcdonald’s cows
Nigga g’s up, like the team is up
Y’all be in love, like the howard crowd
My direction good, well-rounded type
When I’m down and out, I get up and right
Niggas from where I’m from they don’t fuck with fights
When it’s trouble, they blocka and fuck a life

For a fuckin’ nike or a couple sprites
So my cup is full, too much pain to fight
And I’m indecisive when the things are light
Never miss these things, see my game precise

Nigga everything is purple, and these mc’s is urkel
You send me beats via email, I’mma send them back in a hearse
Look purple label my shirt, purple shit in my cup
Purple haze in my j, everything purple nigga fucked up

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