Vincent Minor — Fanfare

Слова и текст песни Vincent Minor — Fanfare

Sit yourself down and watch the canvas wall
Over harmony till the curtain call
As the lights go dim with anticipation
It’s about to begin

With the helicopter that rescued you
With it’s pra-pa-pa-peller over that terrace view
Well they all knew you when your thought got loose
Though it was hidden in an opera

Everything seems so real when you’re on the mezzanine
Squeeze mother’s hand, boys don’t scream
Staring at the stage watching the masked man kill the maid
And slink down deep in my seat

And so it goes

The rhythm runs away with no rhyme in it
The story starts to unfold
And though the scenes are rather dark dense and different
The orchestra will grow

Can’t help it anymore
What have we done? They’re coming through the floor
Can’t hold them back
When social belles make disguisable boys

He tips his hat to the quizzical crowd
Watch the magic come out of a fat man’s mouth
His pitter-patter on the legs of laughter
Keeps on kicking you

Anything that enters must make an exit
Nothing ever stays in it’s place
And as the room changes
As a conductor turns his pages
And the sets reverse around


The cardboard ocean that’s hung by strings
And the sequined mermaids
Are manned by heads dizzy by the kerosene
That’s burning down the play

Pinch me from this dream
A recurring nightmare
Bookmarking my sleep
Never-ending fanfare
There’s got to be some cause for this insanity

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