Verax — Forest

Слова и текст песни Verax — Forest

It’s just too late to push now
Ever spent for wasting time
Took control somehow
My regret wait in line
For a time I wanna know if I can trust the one for the pain and the fear at the side
And you crawl and you scream
And you paint ’em a dream
Your lie is to leave me behind


I’ll get over you
I’ll forget you
I’ll know your feeling’s true
Talk to me, there’s one thing

As night falls again
The air is still and day fades away
And down pours the rain
The hidden move and take me
Fire is burning, consuming the pain
And feelings the lies that she sowed
Free from the pressure I’m scratchin’ away
Trading the power you own


So secure me
Make me accept
The worst you bring
Taking the rest that I’m looking high into the neat bright sky
You want to find it
You wanna find but you cannot find it

[CHORUS] (x2)

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