Trash Can Sinatras — Circling the Circumference

Слова и текст песни Trash Can Sinatras — Circling the Circumference

All around the alphabet
To hide a sadder tale of someone sad at
Circling the Circumference
Show me the way from the periphery
But everybody is wrapped
In a warm embrace
With their arms around the answers
While I’m wrapped up
In my own rigamarole cause

I can’t have that in my life
But soon I’ll find
I won’t have that in my life

Right or righteous? — I can’t say
Another day, another dilemma
Don’t have the time, thirst, wish, itch
or urge to fit
Or that’s my story and I am
Stuck with it!

You’re deep in conversation
Where you really swim
And in the shallow water
I’m the first one in
A straight-forward answer
Is out of the question
Why her whole body joins in
In the way she smiles but
It’s all too much of a muchness for me

I’m the man who missed a sitter
The pearly-gate crasher
The king’s new clothes hanger
Sceptical sucker
Straight man gone solo
— drunk or canned laughter

I’m sorry —
What was the question again?

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