Tim Easton — Hummingbird

Слова и текст песни Tim Easton — Hummingbird

I didn’t mean to confuse the machine
I just wrote some letters, does that mean anything?
You are an angel, under the overflow
Looking for someone to let you grow
I’ll take you on, I’ll give you reason
It won’t be long ’til you’re a hummingbird


When I said later I think I meant sooner
You never know what I mean anyway
I’ve been so lazy, always run down
Under the weather and over the joy
You took me on, you give me some reason
How long will it be ’til you’re a hummingbird?


If you can start, then you can stop it
Rip up the tracks and make some new ground
You were an angel, over the understand
Looking for someone to let you go

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