Thought Industry — Horsepowered

Слова и текст песни Thought Industry — Horsepowered

Halcyon prick absinthe loaded Popes moselle in
Christ, slurping dead Jim’s fat ass wife with shamrocks
and driftwood I’m an articulate man, but the chanty
says to fuck Scrape

Sterilized aqua rectum Chumly the Walrus
Adventures bloop gumption’s "if"? Catholics crust lust
my stomach, Jim’s dumb tame moray How many
times, Timmy? How many times, Jenny? Let’s rinse
and rinse Scrape

Cheap man’s lumbering hulk city bus will swoop me
off at nine ‘tards with lunch pails Bums hacking snot
Some fruit sniffing shampoo A drunk bus driver Kill
that bus driver Kill the fucking bus driver Scrape

"Hey, here’s part of my new book A clever political
anthology It’s for the pretentious and cute So I named
it ‘America, will you please stick it in and ride?’ Fly
dove We fly"

Vacillate stance silver Zippo and cotton My
varicolored weapons and wasps I’m ok I’m fine Feel
swell It’s neat Don’t bump me Bang bang delicious
Go bang bang delicious in the bathroom at Crossroads
mall Scrape

I’m a fucking pop star Non-threatening music
Chipped meat hunk seen on Fox Scrape I’m a fucking
pop star Budweiser sponsored I’ve made it Put it
there, chum Scrape

"I bought a song Some sort of Neil Sedaka sample
Hey, pay attention to me It’s so damn important Well,
Fuck ya’ So stick it in and ride" Fly Bush We fly and
ride Free Quayle we fly

Angie’s lonely and stinking drunk, with morals like
frozen piss She’ll stick it in and ride Fly Rush, we’ll
fly and ride Free horse we ride

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