The Lovecrave — And Scream

Слова и текст песни The Lovecrave — And Scream

Sunset hides terror eyes
In the dark behind the light
Will you stay all alone

When the sun turns to moon

In the city underneath
A violet sky you cannot breathe
Too much life when
You’re dead inside
Run up high

Cause tonight
I wanna hear you screaming
Scream and scream!

And if the rain keeps falling
And if the pain keeps hurting
And if the glass keeps breaking
You don’t wonder anymore
(And scream)
And if the door keeps closing
And if your heart’s exploding
And you can breathe anymore
You don’t wonder anymore and scream

Perfect wind to feel the sins of humanity on your skin
No more rules, no more tattoos
No more silence
You’re not fool

I wanna hear you screaming
Scream and scream!

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