The Doppelgangaz — La La La

Слова и текст песни The Doppelgangaz — La La La

I got goals I can’t afford to reach
A gorgeous creep with a gorged physique
‘Bout to crack open that Georgia peach
Enormous leaps and bounds travelling planned cab
Land jabs on your granddad’s sandbags
Bland hags pack a class full of lobbyists
This man’s plan sans a grasp of the obvious
No other clues or whose well then it’s probably us Seen some shit on my lips, well then then it’s probably crust
Seen some shit on my tip, well then it’s probably dust
The last remnants of a Hollywood jolly slut
An oddly bunch whose weaponry is bribery
With shotty pumps held by ebony and ivory
Too violent
The two tyrant climate is new to the dudes that were hidin by the hydrant
Peruse through the news and misguided by the views
Your crews full of noobs get invited to my pubes
Doppelgang, black man white man be like
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la It’s the short man, hype man with no hype, man be like
La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la Ayo I left the crib on the hunt for liquor
And did some hit and runs with a «Jesus Loves You» bumper sticker
As youngins used to row a sickle point side up Who mixed the matzo with the pumpernickel?
Cause this shit is a tremendous bargain
Gassy duo grab the mic make the crowd say I beg your pardon
Quick to said it with pathetic jargon
And rappin no regard for human life
Like my nigga Kevin Harlon
Yes we couldn’t care less if you nearly died
Rappers is quick to tell you’re their backstory teary-eyed
Why? Like they maker for your shitty joints
Reel in the line and quit fishin for the pity points
EP, a midget who flow tighter
Nigga need a step ladder to get into the low-rider
Together with Matt the wise-guy hotshot
Drivin by looking for a Wi-Fi hotspot

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