The County Medical Examiners — Medicocriminal Entomology

Слова и текст песни The County Medical Examiners — Medicocriminal Entomology

When unidentified remains are relinquished to our care
That are so decayed and liquefied as to make diagnosis
Quite a chore
When the putrescent canvas of death is teeming with
Bristling life
With tiny anthropoid stowaways nestled in every pore
My autopsy technicians mistake the corpse shudder for
A cadaveric spasm
But upon closer inspection they witness the nauseating
Wave of insect activity
The feasting and chatter drowns the neon hum from the
Morgue lamps and fans
And the ambient temperature rises 5 degrees as their
Chitinous bodies skitter in putridity
The corpse is alivereanimated through entomological
The John Doe swellsas parasitic activity literally
Bursts through his seams
Seeping rivers of eggshatching larvae are hurriedly
Washed down the drain
Call the Forensic Entomologisteveryone knows he’s got
Bugs on the brain
Carcass hive
Cadaverine nest
The Forensic Entomologist is a specialist in this
Of which there are three separate and distinct
The Urban field deals with insect/human environment
Stored-Products handles infestation of commodities and
But the one that we require is the Medicolegal
Entomology field
With it’s eccentric bug experts and their forensic
They’ve classified and catalogued their necrophilous
Winged friends
And can determine PMI by the stadiums and stages of
Insect activity
Blowfliesspidersbeetlesmites and lice
Maggotslarvaepupahatch and fly
Medicocriminal entomology
The Forensic Entomologist will analyze the cadaveric
Taking samples and noting the current state of the
Blowfly population
After determining the extent of the recent Coleoptera
He will estimate the time of death so that we may
Continue with the examination
When tissue liquefies and attracts the clavicorn
The flies are drawn and oviposit their eggs
From this predictable process, tiny maggots are born
Named Instar Larvae, which then grow to Prepupae
The maggot molts through three instar stages, plumping
As they gnaw
Colonies hatch together and migrate across the corpse
As a collective group
As a result of this infestation, they disseminate
Bacteria and secrete enzymes
Which enable nearly all of the soft tissue to be
Dissolved and consumed
Depending on the habitat and the abundance of the
The expert can determine if the Diptera is currently
In season
Whether the Bottle fly prefers bright sunlight or
And if the Coleopteran is nocturnal or active during
The day
Oviposited eggs encrust the natural orifices and moist
Maggots swim in wound sites consuming rotting necrotic
The examiner’s gloved hand is thrust wrist-deep in
This bug colony
Searching through the thriving mush for additional
Squirming evidence
Parasitic swarm
Maggot colony
Blowfliesspidersbeetlesmites and lice
Maggotslarvaepupahatch and fly
Medicocriminal entomology

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