Temptations — Hey girl (i like your style)

Слова и текст песни Temptations — Hey girl (i like your style)


Hey girl…
(Tell me) what’s your name (What’s your name)
I, I like your style. (I like your style)
Can I stick around, enrapture you a little while (Ooo)

And hey girl…
(Hey girl) don’t turn away. (Don’t turn away)
Please listen to what I have to say.
Don’t tell me some other day,
Please, won’t you stay

Oh, all my life I’ve prayed for someone like you, oh yeah. (Ooo)
Oh, the look, the look in your eyes tells me you feel the same way too, oh yeah.

And hey girl…
(Hey girl) (Hey girl) can’t I be your friend
Can I See You Again
No, don’t walk away, (Don’t walk away)
If in your heart you really wanna stay.
Girl, what you feel is for real, and believe me, it’s ok.

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