Syleena Johnson — I Am Your Woman

Слова и текст песни Syleena Johnson — I Am Your Woman

Let’s take a minute
And talk about
What turned this home into a house
I don’t know what this war’s about but
Been through too much
Not to work it out
Now you say you’ve been lovin’ me
Me only baby faithfully
It’s might strange when my eyes can see
That you’ve been cheatin’ around on me.

I am your woman (I’m your woman)
Woman (oh yes I am)
Woman (so show some respect and treat me as such)
I am your woman (your woman)
Woman (oh yes I am)
Woman (and all I ask is that you honor this love)
Now I’ve been dealin’ with you
Since sweet 16
Woman enough to let you raise me
You used to call me Daddy’s ghetto queen
And you still mean the world to me
No sooner than I say no more
I run to you like a corner store

I don’t love you enough to hate ya
But yet I love you too much to leave

I am your woman (I guess that make me your)
Woman (oh yes it does)
Woman (you need to show some respect and treat me as such)

I am your woman (oh woman)
Woman (woman)
And all I ever asked is that you honor this love
Now we, boo, hours
When the clock strikes 3
You should be at home in bed with me
Takin’ advantage of a real good thing
How long will it take you to see
Sometimes I ask myself are you crazy
To stay here and put up with this pain
You promised me the moon and the stars above but all I seem to get is rain

(Ah Woman [2X])
But I’m caught up in your whirlwind
I’m blown away
It’s gonna take more than some shoes to get me home
I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna go now
I’m gonna stay right here and rebuild this house

‘Cause I am your woman yeah
So show some respect and treat me as such oh yeah, yeah
Yes I am
And all you’ve gotta do is honor this love oh yeah
I’m your woman
You are my man
Soul 2 soul yeah
Hand in hand
I believe this is heaven’s
This is heaven’s plan
And when the morning comes
You will be with me
Puttin’ your breakfast on the table
Daddy do you have enough to eat
And every day will be a holiday for you and me
‘Cause I am your woman
Baby love
Just like a diamond ring
We will shine ’til the blind can see
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh yes we will
‘Cause I am your woman [5X]
Until we split up or somethin’
I am your woman [4X]

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