Stretch Arm Strong — Parasite Complex

Слова и текст песни Stretch Arm Strong — Parasite Complex

Take a look at this life and pick apart all that you find
Throw caution to the wind because there’s no use in being kind [2xs]
dissect all that you encounter
Spread the lies that you have created
Disregard fact and speculation because they’ve never been related
Its a one person show and the world is your stage so don’t let truth get in the way
Who said it was right and who said it was ok?
why do you want to invade my space and make me fell like i’m the one who is out of place
The journey will be long,
but its time well spent
Think of the people you’ll crush when this comes to an end
Feeding on
Leeching on
Holding on
You can’t let go [2xs]

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