Stabilo — Rain Awhile

Слова и текст песни Stabilo — Rain Awhile

And I want my pain back
And I want the world to see
There’s nothing you can choose
Nothing you can lose
Except your free will to be Better off as a stable boy
You’re better off as a picture on the wall
You’re better off believing
You’re a ghost
Than believing you can think at all
It may sound confused
But it feels good to me It may be a lie
But I’m tired
And I’m right about ready to show no soul, no no Rain, Rain for a while
Oh No, rain, rain for a while
’cause on your front porch is a letter from me Revealing my own hell
So I change when the time is right
The right time’s always few and far below
The right time is always wondering where to go, what to show, what to write
And the world is on fire
Baby it’s too good
I should not control my way to be It’s plain to see, I’m gonna be
‘Cause I’m right about ready to show no soul
No, No, Rain, Rain for a while
Oh, No rain for a while
Because on your front porch there’s a letter from
And the world is a girl in a beauty form
And a race is a place where it’s singled out
So believe in yourself
Don’t wait for ground to break
Wait for ground
It’s ok to feel alone
It’s ok to feel not strong
Once in a while
‘Cause I keep telling myself what to feel
I play make believe until it’s real
Oh most of the time
Because time was never too friendly to me Somehow change just avoided to greet me No, oh completely
And so when reality’s taken its toll
Just pretend that you are not in control
Oh complacency
And so no It’s okay feel alone
It’s okay to feel not strong
Oh once in a while
(Merci à Fefe pour cettes paroles)

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