Spawn — Destined To Die

Слова и текст песни Spawn — Destined To Die

Hunted In The Woods
Dissected Swollen Face
Bleeding From Wom
Tortured By A Beast
Children`s Naked Corpses
Countless Victims Raped
Murdered Without Pity
Dead Left Behind But Not Buried

As The Beast Watch This Suffer
Heard Voices In His Head
`Look For Their Tormentor`
No One Can Stop Him
He Cuts His Victims` Head Off
Degenrated Butchery

Cut Out The Inners
Ripped Out The Veins
He Took His Final Act
Corpses Of Children Was Burned
Dead But Not Buried
Already Worms
Feed On Their Brains

Hacket Up The Flesh
Destined To Die

Teared Out The Spleen
Destined To Die

Cut Up The Skull

Destined To Die

Pierced Through Rectum
Destined To Die
Legacy Of Infanticides

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