Sooo Nasty and Johnnie B. — A G Thang

Слова и текст песни Sooo Nasty and Johnnie B. — A G Thang

1st verse
open up ur p**** so i can stick my fingers in
girl suck my d*** i dont care where ur lips been
so get my d*** hard cause i luv 2 ride
take off ur shirt what ur titties tryin 2 hide
i dont care Who U R as long as u got a big a**
i stick a tissue up ur a** so u wont pass gas
girl u no what i want so give it 2 me
i might want some lata so give me ur key
it dont matta where we at we can do it anywhere
but next time i eat u cut ur p**** hair
i can be on tha bottom or on top
girl i just want ur coochie 2 pop


its nuttin but a g thang ….. babe
so suck my d*** and sho me want u workin wit
its nuttin but a g thang ….. babe
stick ur head n my a** and lick my s***
its nuttin but a g thang ….. babe…

2nd verse

it dont matta if u ugly ill just cut off tha lights
i dont no y im f***in u cause u and ur girl dikes
i hope u no that its just a 1 night stand
ill be done n just 2 minutes so u can go home 2 ur man
stick ur tounge out and let me nutt in ur mouth
i no my d*** long and thick baby its no doubt
if u like baskstball u can dribble my balls
and maybe lata u can give me a call
bend ova and we can do it doggie style
com’on girl u no i like doin it wild


3rd verse

u like movies well my d*** is as long as an andaconda
no wonder ur p**** cheap u drivin a honda
i dont care if u dont like it u can suck my toe
u aint no one special i can f*** another h**
so say my mother f***ing name JONNIEEEE.
we can do it all night while the kids watck Barney
u no you’ll leave wit ur coochie still wet
but if u stay a lil longer me and ur p**** can play pitty-pat
we can do some of tha thangs that they be doin on playboy
and u can beat my d*** like u playin wit a toy
all i want u 2 do is scream and shout
and soooooooo nasty and joHnnie b. is out

chorus(until fade)

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