Solefald — Red For Fire, Black For Death

Слова и текст песни Solefald — Red For Fire, Black For Death

Remember me bastard for my years in the ice

Do you see me your victim of old
I have waited for revenge to turn cold
I have explored the world to find the place you hide
Rooted out of your rathole this is your last ride
Red for Fire + Black for Death

The dark horns of vengeance are about to be blown
In retribution reborn from the forests unknown
I heard the feeble screams of lost pride and dignity
After a thousand years comes liberation of destiny

Deathlike silence

Deathlike silence will rule
In the rooms of your cave
Euronymous Prince of Death
You shall dance on their grave

I’ve rejected the rules of hands and heart
I raped and pillaged the darkest art
It’s toughened hardened a bastard child grown strong
May it linger after me as a saga in song
Stay written in runes on the black metal sword
May it some day save a Viking of my horde

Red for Fire + Black for Death

Red for fire endure the Iron Law
Black for death an outlaw’s revenge in the raw

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