Snoop Doggy Dogg — A Message 2 Fat Cuzz

Слова и текст песни Snoop Doggy Dogg — A Message 2 Fat Cuzz

Ya oh
I was juz told/ u get your freedom/ by telling ur enemy/ that/ ull do anything
to get ur freedom/ then ull get it/ its the only way ull get it/ when you get
that kinda attitude/ then they label u as a crazy nigro/ or theyll juz call u a
crazy nigga/ they dun say nigro/ or theyll call u an extremest or a subversive
or a sedetiast/ or a red or a radical/ but when u stay radical long enough/ and
get enough people to like u/ ull get your freedom/ so dun run around here tryin
to to make friends with someone who will deprive u of ur rights/ there not ur
friends/ no, there ur enemys/ and treat them like that/ and fight them/ and ull
get ur freedom/ and after u get ur freedom ur enemy will respect u/ and well
respect u/ and I say that with no hate/ cuz I dun have no hate in me/ I have no
hate at all/ so I say to u/ big man/ im the man u think u are/ if u wanna no
wat ill do/ figure out wat ull do and ill do the same only more of it/ nigga

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